Pruning shears ready? Prune away!

Getting started with the pruning shears? Good job! Many green friends will thank you. Whatever plant you have outside – from a rose to pampas grass – regular pruning will keep your green amigos strong, healthy and in good shape. And that’s what we want! We’ll teach you the ins-and-outs!

The ‘why’ of pruning
Depending on the plant species, you need to prune your plants. There are several reasons for this:

It keeps the plant, shrub or tree looking nice. Think of it a bit like your own hairdo. Your green friend wants to look good too.

You avoid huge sprawl in the garden. Some green friends really enjoy being present, but let our little amigos fade into the background. And say, even the smallest rascals deserve a stage in your spring garden right?

Fancy a nice apple or a recipe with delicious pears? Even more fun than them coming from your own garden! Do you have a cosy fruit tree in your garden? Prune it in spring. The yield will improve!

When can you get started pruning?
Generally speaking, your pruning skills come into their own in autumn and/or spring. Still, the spring season often wins out over autumn. Why? Leaves, stems and flowers protect your amigo from frost. And this can be much needed during autumn and winter in our cold little country. Good to know – every green friend requires special treatment, as there are some plants that do like to be shaved bald for the winter. So yes, always check what your amigo needs

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