Locations for your outdoor plants

Some prefer to bake in the sun all day, while others prefer a nice parasol: our outdoor plants know exactly what they want. Now you do! Because, to be honest, finding a good location for your outdoor plants turns out to be more difficult than you thought. No worries! Below, you can read all about finding the perfect spot in your garden or on your balcony.

Find the spot on a sunny day!
On a nice spring day, you can determine exactly how much sun your garden gets and which areas are shaded, semi-shaded or full sun. How best to determine this? Timing! While you sit back with a nice book, set a timer on different areas of your garden:

Do you have a maximum of 2 hours of sun? Then this area falls under shade.
Does the sun shine between 2 and 4 hours in this area? Then we call it semi-shade.
More than 5 hours of sunshine? Yes, then it’s an area of full sun!

Making a garden drawing
Pen, paper and compass at the ready: it’s time to put your garden on paper! By drawing out your garden, you can immediately make the above calculations clear. Draw a yellow circle over the area of full sun in your garden, an orange circle over the area of partial shade and a black circle over the area of full shade. Now you immediately have a good idea of the hours of sunshine in your garden or balcony!


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