Potting: this is how to find the right potting soil.

Potting soil, what a lot of options there are for potting soil! Indoor potting soil, outdoor potting soil, garden soil and all those different potting soil nutrients. We can no longer see the soil through the leaves, but hey good news! Today we will explain to you which 4 types of potting soil are a good basis for your indoor and outdoor plants. Let’s go!

A good basis for your plant
For strong and healthy plants, a good base is incredibly important. By choosing one of our potting soils, you protect your green amigo from harmful bacteria or weed germs. Not only do our soils protect well, they also make your green friend shine just that little bit better. Happy sand, happy plant!

Inside out: potting soil for indoor plants.
Isn’t potting soil only for outdoors? Certainly not! For indoor plants, a good nutrient base is incredibly important. Of course, you don’t want your green friend to starve. By choosing the right potting soil, you create a good basis with high-quality raw materials. So you can use potting soil indoors just fine! Among indoor plants, there are also differences in potting soil, such as exclusive potting soil for repotting your prickly amigo, a special palm potting soil for indoor palms and a general indoor plant potting soil for all your houseplants. Better safe than sorry!

Outdoor bosses: potting soil for outdoor plants.
Of course, for all outdoor plants, good soil is also incredibly important! Our universal potting soil can be used for all green friends. Nice and easy! With this Pokon potting soil you give your outdoor plants a boost of nutrition for about 60 days. A nice start.


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