Nature-inclusive building for the perfect garden

Nature-inclusive building is a term that we hear more and more often in the garden world. You have probably heard of it, but the term will be explained briefly. Nature-inclusive construction is a variant of sustainable construction, in which construction and layout are done in such a way that the building contributes to the natural values ​​and local biodiversity. In simpler words, a structure that does not disturb nature, but rather supports it.

What should you pay attention to when renovating the garden?

Before you start renovating in the garden, you should of course draw up a plan. What exactly do you want and how are you going to achieve this? It is important to map out your wishes and also to see who will carry them out. Can you do this yourself, or do you still need help with some parts? It is therefore important to have a good plan in advance and to be clear about what you want to do. For example, if you live close to a nature reserve, you may have to take the nature around you into account before you are allowed to renovate in the garden. It is useful to know that there are options for deploying nature-inclusive construction.

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