Potting: this is how to find the right potting soil.

Potting soil, what a lot of options there are for potting soil! Indoor potting soil, outdoor potting soil, garden soil and all those different potting soil nutrients. We can no […]

Prepare your garden for outdoor plants!

Ahhh outdoor plants, you have them in all shapes and sizes. Plants for your balcony or garden. Hardy and evergreen plants, climbers, shrubs, ornamental grasses and flowering plants. But what […]

Locations for your outdoor plants

Some prefer to bake in the sun all day, while others prefer a nice parasol: our outdoor plants know exactly what they want. Now you do! Because, to be honest, […]

Get more out of your garden with grow lights

What could be more fun than growing your own plants and vegetables for the garden? Start with a seed, grow it into a small plant and then plant the plant […]

Pruning shears ready? Prune away!

Getting started with the pruning shears? Good job! Many green friends will thank you. Whatever plant you have outside – from a rose to pampas grass – regular pruning will […]

Nature-inclusive building for the perfect garden

Nature-inclusive building is a term that we hear more and more often in the garden world. You have probably heard of it, but the term will be explained briefly. Nature-inclusive […]